Sealing with Oil

Oil - larger imageI’m sure many of you naturals have heard the buzz about sealing with oil. No, I do not mean just spritzing your hair with water and applying oil. I’m talkin’ post-wash, liberally applying oil directly to the follicle in the shower, rinsing and re-twsting. After deciding to make my own mix with the essential oils I had on deck (recipe to come), I tried the oil rinse and there are certainly some pros and cons worth highlighting.


1. Most of the rinse is composed of affordable oils
Olive Oil, Jojoba Oil, Castor Oil, etc.

2. You can customize your mix
I love Castor Oil and the smell of Lavender Oil, so I drop those in

3. Helps in the detangling process
Applying in the shower gives a ton of slip

4. Conditions and seals strands
By applying the rinse directly in the shower after your hair is clean and wet, the oil seals in all of that water that has penetrated the follicle.


1. I would NOT recommend this on transitioning hair
The oil may weigh your hair down and stays with you for at LEAST a week…and that’s with natural hair. If you were to apply this method on transitioning hair…your hair would look like a wet dog….when it’s dry….not a good look.

2. I do recommend this on dry winter natural hair, but the frequency depends on your hair type
I have thin Type A hair that tends to be dry, but is more partial to cream products for moisture retention over oils. The oil rinse worked well when I was desperate to seal my super dry strands and didn’t have time for a deep condition or pre-poo. BUT (and this is a huge big ol’ butt), while my hair felt great when it was wet, and detangling was a breeze, styling was a problem. I continued with my typical twistout style and used a little less of my creams & butters. The next few days my hair was still greasy as I don’t know what and it was a lot less fluffy than usual. I found myself using a towel to remove the oil. But after a little fixing, my hair as soft and conditioned for weeks after, and I just continued with my typical hair regimen.

In short, for a thin follicled 4a lady, I felt the sacrifice of a perfect style for a week was worth the benefits down the line (moisture leads to growth).

If you have thicker follicles, the oil rinse may be a great option to incorporate more frequently into your regimen. The weight from the oil won’t likely weigh down your strands and you’ll get the slip, shine and conditioning benefits while being able to keep up your doo.


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