Throwback: Conditioning with Cholesterol


cholesterol 2

So, anyone that knows me, knows that I LOVE CVS. I get so much joy walking aisle to aisle looking at all of the products and trying new over the counter beauty products. Seeing as there’s a new “Black Hair Care” section of my local branch, I thought it only fair to revisit an oldie but goodie…Olive Oil Cholesterol Conditioner.

When I had my texturizer and then through the transitioning process, I leaned heavily on this product. It’s thick texture makes it so easy to quickly detangle hair in the shower and really makes a great co-wash product. Did I also mention it’s cheap?!

Here are some quick results after conditioning with Olive Oil Cholesterol:


cholesterol results 3

I thought it made my curls super bouncy! I also shampooed my hair first and stripped any previous buildup from my strands. My only point if criticism is that I wouldn’t use this product too often since it does generate some buildup.


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